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Build an E-cigarette Section that Offers Smokers Choice, Variety and Profit

Your retail e-cigarette section needs EZ Cig. Here’s why. E-Cigarette smokers are quickly becoming brand conscious and developing preferences. The average e-cig user has tried more than 3 brands and is looking for a favorite.

  • All e-cig brands aren’t the same. EZ Cig design, color and flavors give you an edge that appeals to smokers who are putting some distance between themselves and cigarettes.
  • EZ Cig product quality and dependability is unsurpassed. Our dedicated factory is ISO 9001 and GMP certified. Ask a representative for a presentation.
  • EZ Cig innovation already brings you disposables, rechargeables and new EZ Cig “Q” King Size 82mm in 4 flavors. Arrives July 2013.
  • Our value packaging and product merchandising reflect our long tobacco category experience.
  • EZ Cig is imported and marketed by Kretek International, Inc. with 30 years of licensed tobacco products distribution in the U. S. and Canada.

Whether you’re a major c-store chain, food store, combo-store or smoke shop, we can help you build the section you need. Fact based. Business driven. Customer focused.

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If you already distribute EZ Cig, Thank you. If you’d like to become a distributor of EZ Cig e-cigarettes just fill in the section below. A sales representative will contact you. Our category program can provide a complete profitable e-cig section for your customers. We offer a product line up with a range of styles and consumer positioning, supported by POS and social media. It’s the fastest growing selection of disposables and rechargeables available today.

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We look forward to being your preferred EZ Cig Electronic Cigarette supplier.

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WARNING: Products Shown On This Website Contains Chemicals Known To The State of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects and Other Reproductive Harm. Underage Sale Prohibited.