EZ Cig Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Now EZ Cig Disposable Electronic Cigarette offers variety with different nicotine levels, styles and sizes.

EZ Cig Q is equal to a regular traditional King Size cigarette. Available in Twins Size pack or as single sticks.

Flavored EZ Cigs are an easy, fun, economical alternative for people with active lifstyles. They are fully charged and no assembly is required. Each e-cigarette is equal to about 3 packs of cigarettes.


  • EZ-Cig Q Disposables

    • EZ Cig Q Twin Pack Rich Tobacco 3.0% Nicotine

    • EZ Cig Q Twin Pack Ultra Menthol 3% Nicotine

  • Flavored Disposables

    • Black Cherry

      Somewhere in Oregon there’s a September basket of cherries so sweet and pure you’d fly there just to taste them.  You don’t have to.  The taste is right here.

    • Chocolate

      Deep voluptuous chocolate has the taste of passion and remembrance.  EZ Cig chocolate is like that. The vapor is like the aroma of chocolate kisses.  The taste is heaven.

    • Double Apple

      Years ago, your grandma gave you the best apple you ever ate.  Crisp and cool with fresh cider on your lips.  You thought the moment was gone, but here it is again to keep.

    • Java

      Not just coffee.  It’s the dark delicious coffee you shared together the morning after you fell in love.  It’s that good.

    • Menthol

      There’s a special kind of coolness in the mountains where the air is spectacular and the minty natural aroma of the forest takes you away.  Refreshing EZ Cig menthol brings those mountains to you.

    • Peach

      The peak of ripeness of the freshest peach only lasts a day.  EZ Cig peach gives you the same luscious peach flavor.  And it lasts and lasts to enjoy again and again. 

    • Tobacco

      It’s a peaceful kind of life in tobacco country.  The whisper of the wind, the buzz of bees and an old porch swing to let you appreciate those tranquil moments between chores, as EZ Cig’s rich tobacco flavor delivers smoothness like no other e-cigarette.

    • Vanilla

      The best vanilla has the feel of an exotic island getaway or a tempting dish of ice cream depending on your mood.  Either way, it’s perfect relaxation and escape from your grind.

    • Watermelon

      If Eve had tempted Adam with a watermelon instead of an apple, the world today might be a more peaceful place.  The refreshing taste of EZ Cig watermelon tells you it’s true because there will always be more to like. Obviously.

    • White Grape

      Too sweet for wine, too crisp for juice… a little of each and just the right amount of easygoing attitude.  EZ Cig white grape.  Smooth flavor right from the vine.

    • Wild Berry

      What exactly is a wild berry?  A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll.  A little bit raspberry, a little bit blackberry and a whole lot of EZ Cig flavor satisfaction.

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