EZ Cig For the Smokeless Generation

EZ Cig Electronic Cigarettes come in sleek contemporary designs with the most popular flavors and your choice of nicotine levels. Our disposable units last around 600 puffs. The built-in simplicity of our rechargeable e-cigarettes offer all the freedom and convenience any smoker could ever want.

EZ Cig Blue Label

NEW EZ Cig Blue Lale Recharegeable E-cig Kit and Universal Replacement Cartomizers are compatible with EZ Cig, Cig2o, Vapage, V2, 21st Century, White Cloud and more! The Universal Cartomizers 3 pack are equivalent to 4 packs of cigarettes. They are an efficient and economical alternative to smoking.

WARNING: Products Shown On This Website Contains Chemicals Known To The State of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects and Other Reproductive Harm. Underage Sale Prohibited.